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Love the Katy Trail? Become  a Member! 

Be a Friend with Benefits:   

The Friends of the Katy Trail is the nonprofit group that organizes the Michelob Ultra Katy 5K and also manages and maintains the Trail.  So if you are a fan of the Trail, then you need to ask yourself, “What have I done for the Trail lately?” As you know, membership has its privileges

Did you know that members get a discount on the entry fee to the Katy 5K? If you missed the boat on that perk, here are some more reasons to become a Friend with benefits. 

  •  Invitations to exclusive members-only parties (including free booze and food!)
  •  Discounts at your favorite local businesses and restaurants
  •  Savings on Katy Trail event registrations
  •  The feeling of doing good
  •  And much, much more
  •  Need more info?  Contact Lauren at Lauren@KatyTrailDallas.org 


Making the Katy Trail a Safe Place for All Users

Safety is on the forefront of everything we do for the trail. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while you are on the trail:

  • Keep to the right.
  • Announce “passing on left” when passing someone in front of you.
  • Always look both ways before moving across the Trail.
  • Watch your speed and remain in control at all times.
  • If using headphones, turn the volume so you can hear those behind you. Consider using only one ear piece.
  • Watch children carefully.
  • Keep pets on a short leash.
  •  If running or walking, use the soft surface designated for pedestrians.
  •  Be conscious of your space – walk single file, don’t pass too close to others.
  • Stop to look for traffic before crossing at Knox and Harvard streets. 


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