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Question - Not Required - KATY INFORMATION TABLE: Set up and staff an information table along the trail. We have the table, information about the trail and the Friends, suggestion cards, and logo item information. You pick these up from Luke's Locker on Oak Lawn, and set up the table on the trail. A great way to build community support for the trail!

Question - Not Required - 5K RUN: Our biggest event of the year requires lots of help to make it happen! Last year's run had more than 5000 participants!

Question - Not Required - SPECIAL EVENTS: In addition to the 5K Run, we have other member events throughout the year. Help with promotion, planning, and coordination of events such as trail walks, a bicycle safety clinic for kids, seminars on in-line skating, and member get- togethers.

Question - Not Required - ANNUAL SUPPORT CAMPAIGN: Whatever your reasons for loving the Katy Trail, give something back to it. Be a volunteer for the Annual Support Campaign that Friends of the Katy Trail will kick off Sept. 1 and end on Oct. 31. The campaign goal is to raise $150,000 to keep the Katy Trail a great place to exercise and relax.

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