Capital Campaign

Capital Improvements


Total Cost:: $5.7 million
  :· $2.72 million Private funds
  :· $2.49 million Government funds
  :· $498,000 Joint funds

Primary Trail Extensions 1 miles of new trail
Pedestrian Trail 1 miles of new trail
Plazas At Knox Street, Reverchon Park and Victory
  Pedestrian Bridges
    Fairmount Street
    Cedar Springs (Eastbound and Westbound)
    Bowen Street
    Lemmon Avenue (Eastbound)

Privately Funded Capital Improvements:
Briggs-Freeman Plaza - A WPA-era plaza
Beasley Entrance - A connection from Hall Street
David's Way Plaza -  Two 40x40 areas at Knox Street
    artwork Christopher Janney Interactive Installment
Dedo's Place - landscaping on the North end of the Trail
Synders Union Plaza - the mid point of the Trail overlooking Lee Park
Tao of Warren Plaza - area at Armstrong
Thomsen Overlook Plaza - A 60x40 open air plaza
West Village Entrance - are at Blackburn
Ramp - A 750-foot connection into Reverchon Park
Soft Surface Knox Street to Airline Road and Victory Overlook to Blackburn Street
Landscaping Lyte Street to Harry Hines and Knox Street to Airline Road

Government Funded:
Primary Trail Extension Harry Hines to Lyte Street
Primary Trail Extension Knox Street to Airline Road
Pedestrian Trail Victory Overlook to Lemmon and Knox Street to Airline Road
Fairmount Street Bridge
Cedar Springs Bridge (Eastbound and Westbound)
Bowen Street Bridge
Lemmon Avenue Bridge (Eastbound)

Jointly Funded:
Pedestrian Trail Lemmon to Blackburn
Entrance Blackburn Street
Soft Surface Victory Overlook to Blackburn